Von Australien nach Deutschland - die Schachvariante CHESSPLUS

From Australia to Germany - the chess variant CHESSPLUS

With the chess boom, chess variants are also getting a new boost. Now another variant is appearing on the German market: Chessplus . Michael Busse spoke with the owner of the distribution rights for Germany, Philipp Epstein.

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With the chess boom, chess variants are also receiving a new boost. The most established variant is Chess960 , which was showcased at the Freestyle Chess GOAT Challenge in Weissenhaus in February. No-castling chess, on the other hand, seems to be a thing of the past. The Sparkassen Chess Trophy is removing playing without castling from the program for the 2024 edition of the premium tournament in Dortmund.

But new variants are constantly being created. Markus Reinhardt recently presented his invention Variaschach (now available in the Chess Tigers Shop ) at ChessBase. He also played a game against GM Elisabeth Pähtz ( in the video ). Now another variant is appearing on the German chess market: Chessplus (here in the Chess Tigers Shop) . Michael Busse ("MB") spoke to the owner of the distribution rights for Germany, Philipp Epstein ("PE"):

MB: Hello Philipp, I am pleased that we found the time
to talk to each other. You brought me Chessplus, can you tell me and
Describe Chessplus to readers in more detail?

PE: Chessplus is an exciting variant of the
classic chess, where players have the opportunity to move two pieces
into a single, stronger figure . This new figure then has
the movement possibilities and properties of both original
Pieces. For example, if you combine a knight with a pawn, you can
the resulting piece can move both like a knight and like a pawn.
It is also possible at any time to return these combined figures to their
to divide the initial figures.

combined figures

MB: Does this change the way the game is played?

PE: Yes, absolutely. The possibility of combining figures opens up a
A multitude of new strategic moves and options. This allows a
Combination figure of bishop and pawn, for example, already in the first move
take up a strong position on the board. You don't have to move your pawns first to be able to develop your pieces . This leads to a faster and often surprising game flow.

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MB: How did you come up with the idea for Chessplus?

PE: I discovered the idea for Chessplus during a trip around the world in
Australia . I met the inventor Christian Simpson by chance at a market in Sydney. He was inspired by his daughter's creative way of playing, who tried to put a pawn on a rook to promote it to a queen more quickly. That's why he developed Chessplus. I was immediately impressed by the game, both by its innovative gameplay and its appealing design. After playing it with many different people and always receiving positive feedback, I decided to bring Chessplus to Germany.

<<< To the explanatory video >>>

MB: What do you hope to achieve by selling Chessplus in Germany?

PE: I hope that chess fans in Germany will be able to use Chessplus to
Opportunity to play their favorite game from a new perspective
Chessplus is not just a variant of chess; it is a
Expansion that rekindles the fun of the game and encourages creative thinking
At the same time, it remains true to traditional chess and allows
to see classical strategies in a new light. I also want to learn chess
through Chessplus to bring people closer who do not yet have so many
had contact with chess. The entry barrier for Chessplus is
low and the fun factor is high .

MB: Is Chessplus more difficult than traditional chess?

PE: It definitely offers more possibilities, which makes the game
challenging, but also more accessible and entertaining
For experienced chess players it can be an exciting new
challenge, while at the same time providing a unique and
fun introduction to the world of chess for beginners. Through the
additional move options also make the game smoother and faster, and eliminates hurdles for certain moves that are possible with Chessplus.



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MB: How do you see the future of Chessplus in the chess world?

PE: I believe that Chessplus has the potential to change the chess world
It brings a breath of fresh air to a traditional game and encourages
Players of all ages and abilities to play chess in a new, creative
My goal is to create a community of Chessplus players
who together discover new strategies and the game
I see Chessplus not only as a supplement to the
traditional chess, but as a new game that, alongside the
classical chess and enriches it.

MB: Where can I buy Chessplus?

PE: Chessplus is available directly from my online store , and I am currently offering free shipping in March. Soon, Chessplus will also be available through other channels such as Amazon and in selected
shops to make it accessible to a wider audience
Chessplus also makes an excellent gift because it offers a gaming experience that brings joy, surprise and inspiration.

POSTSCRIPT : Chessplus is now also available in the Chess Tigers Shop. There is the Players Edition and the Designer Edition (picture). Chessplus - Designer Edition