My name is Jonathan Carlstedt , although everyone in the chess scene actually calls me Jonny. I am married and the proud father of a son and a daughter. I have achieved the international master title in chess, am a FIDE instructor and B-trainer of the German Chess Federation (DSB). In 2018 I was the coach of the German women's national team at the Olympiad in Batumi, Georgia. My most famous students include the national players Grandmaster Dmitrij Kollars, international master Ruben Köllner, German champion Lara Schulze, national player Josefine Heinemann and Filiz Osmanodja. Besides chess, I spend a lot of time with my children, our country house on the North Sea and traveling abroad.

The Chess Tigers Shop goes back to the initiative of Marina and Sven Noppes . When the opportunity arose in April 2022, they and Jonny Carlstedt took over the former SchachDepot from Soti Stavridis. The inventory was then updated, the website was further developed and, above all, the three traveled from tournament to tournament with a chess stand to make the chess mail order business known. In March 2023, the company was renamed Chess Tigers Shop. The Chess Tigers from Baden Soden with managing director Hans-Walter Schmitt are an integral part of the chess scene, just like the three owners Marina, Sven and Jonny. A further step for the Chess Tigers Shop was the takeover of the last chess shop in Berlin. This is how a mail order business became a real chess shop. Marina, Sven and Jonny love the sport of chess. Jonny has made it his profession. Marina and Sven are two of the most active volunteers in German chess. Together they want to continue to help shape the chess scene and are happy about the many benevolent support from chess players.