Die besten Schachturnierkalender

The best chess tournament calendars

Chess tournaments are currently enjoying great popularity, especially in Germany. An incredible 2,000 players have already registered for the Grenke Chess Open, which will take place from March 28th to April 1st, 2024 in Karlsruhe. And the German Chess Amateur Championship (DSAM) has also set a new record - again - with 680 participants at the tournament in Magdeburg ( Photo: Ingrid Schulz ).

If you feel like planning your own tournament calendar for the rest of the year, you will certainly find what you are looking for on the following pages:

1. chessinter.net

This calendar by chess enthusiast Vitaliy Sviridov, in which the tournaments are divided into the categories Standard/Classic, Rapid/Blitz, Seniors, Youth, Women and Europe, has been viewed over half a million times from 125 countries.

2. chessdates.com

The calendar of Schachgeflüster moderator Michael Busse is limited to Germany and is the most extensive calendar nationally, with around 450 - 500 upcoming events.

3. chess-results.com

This internationally renowned site by Austrian Heinz Herzog not only contains tournament results, but can also be used as a tournament calendar. To do this, you have to select the desired search period in the "Tournament selection" field.

4. chess-calendar.eu

According to its own information, chess-calendar.eu is the world's largest chess tournament calendar. If you are looking for tournaments in Germany, you must enter the following command in the search field: COUNTRY_GER. The calendar is operated by the Slovakian FIDE arbiter Ratislav Bury.

5. Ultra Chess

A compact overview of the most important German tournaments without a lot of frills can be found on Bernd Löw's Ultraschach website.

6. DSB tournament database

The tournament database of the German Chess Federation is also a good source for tournaments in Germany or with the participation of the German national teams.

7. The Week in Chess

The Week in Chess ("TWIC") by Mark Crowther is not only an excellent collection of the most important chess games, but also includes an international tournament calendar.

8. chess.com Calendar

Chess.com's tournament reporting still has room for improvement. But with online chess increasingly focusing on the American platform, it is likely that the tournament calendar will become even more informative in the future. You can already find an overview of the most important international tournaments.

9. FIDE tournament page

The World Chess Federation FIDE maintains its own tournament calendar. It is confusing that some of the tournaments also include normal league events. However, a closer look at the calendar will reveal some undiscovered tournaments.

10. State associations and districts

It can also be a good idea to look for tournaments on the homepage of the respective state association, the state chess youth organization and the district. Most associations and districts have their own tournament calendars.