Caruana und Yip sind US-Meister

Caruana and Yip are US champions

In the end, the women's tournament was as exciting as a tournament can be. While Fabiano Caruana became US champion without any problems, thanks in part to a fantastic win against Hans Niemann, things were heated up in the women's tournament.

Before the final round, the young Carissa Yip was leading by half a point ahead of Gulrukhbegim Tokhiryonova. Yip lost her game in the final round against the Fide master Yan, who had been very unlucky up to that point. This meant that the way was actually clear for Tokhiryonova. She had a strong position with the white pieces against Jennifer Yu. Yu had already been US champion once, but this US championship didn't work out for her.

At some point, however, Tokhiryonova's nerves seemed to fail her. She gave up her superior position and even lost, so despite her defeat, Yip was US champion and not only that, but also 40,000 US dollars richer.

The US Championships are a highly competitive tournament with incredibly high prize money. The DSB can only dream of that. However, the DSB does not have a billionaire patron who supports the sport of chess with his unlimited financial resources, as Rex Sinquefield does from St. Louis.