Angreifen mit Spanisch und Italienisch

Attacking with Spanish and Italian

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This DVD shows how to attack as White with the Spanish and Italian and checkmate the black king. Both openings are considered positional, but offer many opportunities to play on the attack. Sergei Tiviakov, the author of the DVD, has been playing the Spanish and Italian since the beginning of his chess career and has had numerous successes with these openings, winning against the best players in the world. In four chapters, he presents typical attacking methods with which he has scored and continues to score in many tournaments. It is Tiviakov's immense practical experience that makes this DVD special. In addition to his own games, Tiviakov also shows and analyses typical games and attacking methods of other top players such as Anatoly Karpov. An additional database contains all the games that Sergei Tiviakov has played with the Spanish or Italian since 1986, many of which have never been published. There is also a huge database with over a million Italian and Spanish games, as well as other databases with annotated games and analyses. All this makes this DVD perfect for attacking and winning with White in the Spanish and Italian!