Understanding Middlegame Strategies Vol.1-4

Understanding Middlegame Strategies Vol.1-4

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Volume 1

In this DVD we deal with different dynamic decisions involving pawns. The aim of this DVD is to provide club/tournament players with fresh ideas which they can use in their own practice.

Volume 2

Practical Play In this DVD, I have selected the material aiming to improve the viewer's middlegame decision making process and broaden his/her middlegame understanding in general.

Volume 3

Throughout my playing career I have found the Hedgehog (with both colours) one of the most difficult type of positions to master. With White (the side with more space) there is always a danger to overextend oneself (or miss your opponent's pawn break). While playing Black (the side with less space) there is always a danger to mistime your pawn break, or simply to not get counterplay and be overrun.

Volume 4

Studying this video course should greatly improve the viewer's handling of dynamic pawn positions! As with all my other video courses material here is predominantly aimed at improving players and tournament players.