And Action! - Die Kombination von Positionsspiel und Schachtaktik!

And Action! - The combination of positional play and chess tactics!

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There are only a few names like Alexei Shirov that are associated with imaginative and tactical play. Now the Latvian top grandmaster has released a DVD about this very element of chess. It is based entirely on his own games. The first series of examples deals with simple tactics, often involving checkmate. Along the way, you learn many details about Shirov's career and the assessments of other players. The second series is no longer just about tactics, but attacks are examined in their entirety. But here too, the author gives you the opportunity to find a move or a small combination yourself. From Chapter 4 onwards, Shirov returns to problems to solve, but this time they are much more difficult and the learning effect is all the greater. Chapters 5 and 6 show complex attacks. This is, in a way, the supreme discipline: tactics embedded in positional play, or, seen the other way around: positional play with the inclusion of tactical elements. This DVD goes far beyond pure tactics and is perfect for promoting the understanding of the game in advanced players. Video time: 4 hours 52 minutes (English)