Erfolgsfaktor Prophylaxe in 60 Minuten

Success factor prophylaxis in 60 minutes

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We all have our own ideas and plans in a game of chess and try to put them into practice. But in doing so we come up against an opponent who also has his own ideas and plans and wants to put them into practice. We must take this into account in all our moves. If the opponent's plans prove to be dangerous, then we must prevent them. Ideally with a move that simultaneously fulfils defensive tasks and improves our position. That would be prevention at its finest. Taking the opponent into account in our considerations should become an elementary part of our thought processes. If the opponent makes a strange move ("signal move"!), we should be particularly vigilant. He is often setting a trap for us. Prevention not only helps in defense, but also allows us to detect (and hopefully prevent) the opponent's defensive ideas when we are on the attack. Numerous thinking methods such as the "method of comparison" and "playing with the order of moves" help us to calculate variations. IM Harald Schneider-Zinner presents the most important ideas and methods of preventive thinking using current games and some classics.