Strategy University Vol. 5: Winning Methods of great Players

Strategy University Vol. 5: Winning Methods of Great Players

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The Ukrainian top coach will address various topics based on ideas and games of great masters of the past.

  1. The Soviet grandmaster Vladimir Simagin was one of the first to use typical exchange sacrifices: on the one hand, the Sicilian exchange sacrifice Rxc3, and on the other hand, allowing the “exchange” of a rook on f8 for the white bishop on h6 in order to subsequently gain an advantage on the black squares.
  2. Valley attacks are introduced under “Bluffs,” but the theme is much more general: “drastically changing the course of a game.”
  3. Anyone can carry out simple double attacks, but how do you create the corresponding positions? This topic, which of course is partly part of tactics, is one of the most important for being successful in chess.
  4. How to take ideas from other players and then apply them yourself.
  5. Using his own games, the author shows how to recognize typical mistakes and then study them in order to avoid them in the future.
  6. The DVD concludes with a presentation of some legendary Soviet players: Yuri Razuvaev, Vitaly Tseshkovsky, Oleg Dementiev and Viktor Zheliandinov. Video playing time: 5 hours 35 minutes