Taktik Turbo Benoni

Tactics Turbo Benoni

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The extremely sharp Benoni Defense is a fascinating opening and an ideal playing field for players with a strong tactical style. Thanks to the asymmetrical structure in this opening, there are a variety of tactical motifs for both sides, with Black mostly combining on the queenside, White in the center and on the kingside. On this DVD, Mihail Marin presents the tactical ideas and possibilities in the Benoni Defense for both sides. Using an interactive format in which the user is asked to answer questions on the screen by entering moves, the well-known grandmaster and theoretician invites the user to participate and think along, and thanks to this technique, he imparts knowledge of a variety of typical tactical finesses in the typical Benoni key positions in an intensive and systematic way. In addition to the interactive tactics course, the DVD contains a database with many other tactically-oriented sample games, most of which are commented on.