Kuljasevic: The How to Study Chess on Your Own Workbook - Vol. 1

Kuljasevic: The How to Study Chess on Your Own Workbook - Vol. 1

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Autor: Kuljasevic, Davorin
Verlag: New in Chess
Erscheinungsjahr: 2022
Sprache: English
Buchumschlag: book
Seiten: 226

Volume 1: Exercises and Training for Club Players (1800 - 2100)

The astounding success of How To Study Chess on Your Own made it clear that there are thousands of chess players who want to improve their game. And chess players like to work on their training at least partially by themselves.

The bestselling book by GM Kuljasevic offered a structured approach and provided the training plans. Due to popular demand, Kuljasevic now presents a Workbook with the accompanying exercises and training tools a chess student can use to immediately start his training.

Most workbooks offer puzzles and jigsaw puzzles only. But Kuljasevic has used his experience as a coach to create a broader and more interesting training schedule. You will be challenged by tasks like these:

  • Solve positional play puzzles
  • Find the best move – and find the mini-plan
  • Play out a typical middlegame structure – against a friend or against an engine, carefully set an appropriate level
  • Simulation – study and replay a strategic model game
  • Analyze – try to understand a given middlegame position

Volume 1 is optimized for chess players with an Elo rating between 1800 and 2100 but is useful for anyone between 1600 and 2300. Volumes 2 and 3 will serve the needs of beginners and more advanced club players.

Davorin Kuljasevic is an International Grandmaster born in Croatia. He graduated from Texas Tech University and is an experienced coach. His bestselling book Beyond Material: Ignore the Face Value of Your Pieces was a finalist for the Boleslavsky-Averbakh Award, the best book prize of FIDE, the International Chess Federation.

226 pages, paperback, 2022