Komodo Dragon 3

Komodo Dragon 3

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Verlag: ChessBase
Erscheinungsjahr: 2022

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The Komodo 3 is characterized by increased playing strength and a new, fine playing strength adjustment. Together with the US grandmaster Alex Lendermann, the engine was tested and adjusted against many human opponents of varying playing strengths. With the fine Elo adjustment from 1 to 3500, Komodo 3 is also very interesting as a training and sparring partner.

Greatly improved Dragon 3 Engine

The Komodo Dragon 3 engine has gained 100 Elo points in playing strength compared to its predecessor when using one processor core in blitz time. An enormous improvement for a program that was already performing at an Elo level of over 3500! The gain is even greater for unbalanced openings, eg rare variations or gambits (120 to 130 Elo points). When using multiple cores or longer time controls, however, the Elo increase is somewhat smaller due to the higher draw range.

Higher skill level = faster analysis

The absolute gain in playing strength also offers very practical advantages: Komodo Dragon 3 only needs about a quarter of the time to play or analyze at the same level as Dragon 2! Or it plays better chess on one core in the same amount of time than its predecessor did on four cores. The large Elo increase is due to a new network structure for NNUE with a corresponding new network as well as various optimizations and improvements in the search.

One for all: Playing strength freely selectable between Elo 1 to 3500

Komodo Dragon 3 is supplied with the Fritz 18 program interface and thus offers various levels of play. In addition, the playing strength of the engine in Komodo Dragon 3 can be set to the desired Elo strength from 1 to a maximum of 3500. The Elo values ​​refer to human play in rapid chess and are suitable, for example, for ensuring a balanced match. At a reduced playing strength, the engine makes the errors that are to be expected from people with the set rating. The Elo settings of Komodo Dragon 3 have been tested and adjusted against many human players of different playing strengths, especially in the GM area in numerous rapid chess games against GM Alex Lenderman, who is part of the Komodo development team.

Including the latest Fritz 18 program interface and six months ChessBase Premium Account.

Delivery only possible as DVD