Köhler: Legendary chess games

Köhler: Legendary chess games

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Autor: Kohler, Peter
Verlag: Humboldt
Erscheinungsjahr: 2019
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: book
Seiten: 288

Brilliant moves & spectacular mistakes from 400 years of chess history

From the sacrificial checkmate attack to the subtle positional game to the impressively logical endgame - in his guide, Peter Köhler presents 120 legendary, memorable and sometimes just strange games from the last 400 years of chess history. He also gives an overview of tournament history and important chess players. Beginners, advanced players, enthusiasts and club players of the royal game can improve their own playing strength by replaying these exemplary games.

Selection of games:
Polerio - Domenico (Rome 1602)
Napoleon - Bertrand (St Helena 1818)
Morphy - Duke Charles II of Brunswick/Count Isouard (Paris 1858)
Lasker - Napier (Cambridge Springs 1904)
Tarrasch - Lasker (Dusseldorf 1908)
Janowski - Marshall (Biarritz 1912)
Sämisch - Nimzowitsch (Copenhagen 1923)
Tartakower - Capablanca (New York 1924)
Keres - Petrov (Moscow 1940)
Keres - Najdorf (Gothenburg 1955)
Estrin - Berliner (correspondence match 1968)
Petrosian - Fischer (Buenos Aires 1971)
Polugajewski - Valley (Riga 1979)
Kasparov - Karpov (Amsterdam 1988)
Bacrot - Kramnik (Dortmund 2005)
Deep Fritz - Kramnik (Bonn 2006)

The journalist and writer Dr. Peter Köhler became club and city champion in chess. He took first place in several correspondence chess tournaments and published chess problems in the "Deutsche Schachzeitung". Together with Hardy Siedler he wrote a book of chess satires.

288 pages, paperback, 3rd edition 2019, first edition 2007

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