Siegen gegen Sizilianisch - die pfiffige Python

Winning against Sicilian - the smart Python

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A strategically sound and sustainable system against the Sicilian without endless theoretical variations - is that still possible today? For a while, these were the systems with Bb5, but after they became too successful, they developed into mainstream theory with extensive theoretical clutter. This DVD presents an unusual and barely researched approach: White sets up with 1.e4 c5 2.d3 Nc6 3.f4 and then develops his bishop to e2. This is basically a "super Dutchman" with reversed colors and two more tempi than the "classic Dutchman", since the desirable double move of the e-pawn has already been achieved. As inconspicuous as the white setup seems, it is just as dangerous and poisonous in the hands of the knowledgeable user. This DVD shows for the first time optimal sequences of moves, the best strategic plans and many tactical ideas. This will give you the tools you need to score points in practice!