Kasparov: My Great Champions Volume 2

Kasparov: My Great Champions Volume 2

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Autor: Kasparov, Garry
Verlag: Olms
Erscheinungsjahr: 2021
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: book
Seiten: 388

The outstanding games of the world chess champions in the light of today's analysis.

Volume 2: Raoul Capablanca / Alexander Alekhine / Max Euwe

José Raoul Capablanca (1921 to 1927) – The Cuban, born in 1888, was considered a gifted player who easily achieved what others had to work hard for. With dreamlike certainty, he knew in every position which squares the pieces belonged to and was almost unbeatable. The public also liked him as a darling of women and loved his cultivated appearance and extravagant lifestyle. He died in New York in 1942.

Alexander Alekhine (1927 to 1935, 1937 to 1946) – Alexander Alekhine's character traits were controversial, but everyone admired his chess genius. Born in 1892, Dr. jur. came from a Russian noble family, was a tsarist guard officer and had an unbridled passion for chess since childhood. His intensive preparation for his opponent, his rich combinatorial imagination and his will to destroy his opponent made him one of the greats on the board and in chess theory. Alekhine died in Portugal in 1946, the only world champion to remain undethroned.

Max Euwe (1935 to 1937) – Born in Amsterdam in 1901, mathematics professor Max Euwe never made a secret of the fact that other players had more chess talent than he did. Euwe was a pragmatist who learned everything that had been published about chess. He saw himself as a devoted amateur and, as president of the World Chess Federation Fide from 1970 to 1978, also campaigned for chess politically. Euwe died in 1981.

388 pages, paperback, 2021