Fritz - Your chess trainer
Fritz - Your chess trainer
Fritz - Your chess trainer

Fritz - Your chess trainer

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Verlag: ChessBase
Erscheinungsjahr: 2023
Sprache: German

The chess program for beginners who just want to have fun playing chess: Play against Fritz or online, intelligent tips, cheeky sayings, easy to use, low price!

Note for Fritz fans: this program is not a further development of Fritz18 and is not compatible!

I am FRITZ and have been redefining the chess world for over 30 years. Whether in New York against Garry Kasparov or in Bonn in the 4:2 victory against the then world champion Vladimir Kramnik: millions of chess fans followed my "man versus machine" duels and enjoyed my world-class games. And even after 30 years, I am still in top form: in 2022 and 2023 I won the official chess software world championship!

But don't worry, I can do other things too. With my AI-supported help function, even beginners can play brilliant winning games against me: you get tips for every move via text and audio. Of course, you can also play against me at a world-class level without tips and save your game. I guarantee you'll have fun anyway: I'll provide humorous commentary on the games. And of course you can choose the board design: 3 professional boards in 2D and 3D are available to you. And if you want to do even better: tactical training with ever-changing tasks for checkmate and material gain!

Do you need even more excitement? Want to play games against other people? No problem: Your new chess buddy FRITZ will find you opponents on the Playchess chess server at any time. Choose your thinking time and off you go.

I'm not just a normal trainer, I'm FRITZ, the unexpected new dimension of chess! Now on your PC!

This is what Fritz offers:

  • Play chess against Fritz in 7 levels from hobby player to world class player!
  • The AI-supported help function provides intelligent hints and tips via text and audio. Fritz provides witty and snappy commentary via audio.
  • German version spoken by cabaret artist Matthias Deutschmann
  • Live internet games against opponents on (4 time controls to choose from)
  • Tactics training: Exercises for checkmate and material gain
  • Design: 2 professional 2D chessboards and 1 raytraced 3D chessboard
  • Save / load games
  • Supports Xbox controllers
  • Also: move cancellation, additional tips…


Delivery as a download or on DVD, please note this in the order process under “ ADD NOTE”

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