ChessBase 17 & Fritz 19 - Bundle
ChessBase 17 & Fritz 19 - Bundle
ChessBase 17 & Fritz 19 - Bundle

ChessBase 17 & Fritz 19 - Bundle

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Verlag: ChessBase
Erscheinungsjahr: 2023

ChessBase 17

ChessBase is the personal chess database that has become the standard worldwide for everyone who enjoys chess and wants to continue playing successfully in the future. This applies to the world champion as well as to the club player or the chess friend next door.

The most important innovations

ChessBase 17 focuses on things that we believe are at the top of the program's application areas. First of all, a lot of work has gone into areas that are only subliminally noticeable, but which definitely influence the user experience: The new ultra-high-resolution 2D board. The really crisp structure of notation and lists through support for "Direct 2D". Runs on all current Windows versions. A general polish to the look. Popular today: The "Dark Mode"


Then there are many technical improvements that generally improve the program: A new, faster data format with fewer files and no search accelerator. It overcomes the now annoying limitations of the CBH format. A new fine-tuning of the database paths that resolves conflicts with the document directory and OneDrive. This means you can smoothly manage your databases outside of the standard Windows directories. A new, clear options dialog.


Attacker, coward, cheater or endgame wizard: I'll show you how to win against every type! After my World Championship victories in 2022 and 2023, I am the reigning computer chess world champion and am now looking forward to showing you how to face your opponent even more strongly. With my innovative training method, I simulate typical player personalities that you know from tournaments and online chess: bold attackers, cautious cowards, lame passive players, but how do you win against them? Your Fritz shows you how it's done! And for nice attacks, combinations or sacrifices, you get the new ChessBase Cards as a reward. Practical training that's also really fun. Or let's practice openings: you can try out new repertoire ideas directly in the match against me. And how about the new calculation training for a quick Elo boost? Even as Fritz19, I can make you better again by playing


The clever way of entering positions has a direct chess benefit: you place a few pieces and immediately see in which games in the reference database this position fragment appears. By clicking on a game, you can save yourself the rest of the input. The new search mask is also more interactive: if you enter a search criterion, it immediately shows how many games in the database it fits. This way, you know what result to expect before you click on "OK".

New in ChessBase 17:

  • New data format: fewer files, more functions, more convenience, more speed
  • Engine analysis renovated: variants are automatically commented linguistically, forced continuations are recognized, buddy heuristics creates more calculation depth faster!
  • Search for pearls: discover spectacular games at a glance! Mark beautiful games in the database list
  • Program interface optimized: high-resolution 2D board, graphics noticeably faster
  • New, tidy search mask: Material search simplified. Immediate feedback on expected locations
  • Intelligent position input: during the first figure inputs you see the locations
  • Control over One-Drive: all database paths can be set in detail in the options dialog
  • Game notation restructured: with intelligent folding and symbolism
  • Modern, integrated browser for all database texts
  • More insight: Visualization of attack relationships (optional)
  • Dark Mode: darkened program interface
  • Dozens of detail improvements for better usability, starting with automatic loading of the last edited game


Minimum: Desktop PC or notebook, 4 GB RAM, Windows 8.1 64bit, DirectX10 graphics card with 1GB RAM, DVD-ROM drive (if delivered by post), Internet connection (activation of the program, ChessBase Cloud and updates).

Recommended: PC Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen processor with 8 threads, 16 GB RAM, Windows 10/11 64bit, DirectX11 graphics card (or compatible) with 1 GB RAM or more, DVD-ROM drive (if delivered by post), Full-HD monitor and internet connection (activation of the program, ChessBase Cloud and updates).

Delivery as a download or on DVD, please note this in the order process under “ ADD NOTE”