Schachtaktik 1 - 3

Chess Tactics 1 - 3

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Only those who have learned the craft of chess tactics in depth and have had some practice in it will be able to make noticeable progress in chess - and perhaps even conjure up brilliant combinations on the board themselves. With around 300 tactical positions, the DVD "Chess Tactics 1 - Learn to Combine" offers both (advanced) beginners and experienced club players a wealth of practice material. The work of International Master Martin Breutigam is systematically divided into five sections: The first chapter explains the various forms of double attack (fork, skewer, etc.) and their characteristics. The second chapter deals with preparatory tactical elements such as diversion and diversion. Three video clips are devoted to each of these topics (introduction, test tasks and solutions). For all other topics, Breutigam also shows a variety of tips and help in identifying tactical options, as well as plenty of exercises from grandmaster practice, mostly modern examples, but also some classics. Such exercises are indispensable for recognizing the tactical patterns in your own games. The third chapter contains a "piece harmony theory" that serves as preparation for certain forms of checkmate or king attacks, which are discussed in detail in the fourth chapter. The last chapter contains a series of test tasks under simulated tournament conditions. A complete basic tactical training - ideal for school chess, daily training or for those who finally want to learn how to combine correctly. Video playing time: 8 hours