Wird Deutschland Europameister?

Will Germany become European champions?

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A visibly overwhelmed Rasmus Svane stepped in front of Paul Meyer-Dunkert's microphone after his victory in the eighth round. Rasmus had just beaten Jules Moussard with the black pieces and was still watching Vincent Keymer's crazy game when the cover photo was taken. Even when it was actually a draw between the German number 1 and Etienne Bacrot, Rasmus was not sure whether it would be enough in the end due to the many ups and downs.
It was enough, Vincent made a draw and Donchenko also made a draw with his clearly better position for the good of the team. Blübaum, who was currently the most affected by the immediate illnesses in the German camp, had already made a long draw at that point.
It was a crazy fight, but now we have to look ahead to the round that starts today at 3 p.m. Because then we'll be playing against Croatia and then in a long-distance duel against Serbia, who are currently very close to Germany in the second ranking. First we have to win and then we can look ahead to the duel between Serbia and Greece.
Matthias Blübaum will sit out the final round. Dmitrij Kollars will join the team instead.
It will be exciting and maybe we will be European champions in just a few hours!