Vorschau Schachbundesliga Runde 3 + 4

Preview Chess Bundesliga Round 3 + 4

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Next weekend, December 2nd and 3rd, we'll be heading into the second weekend of the 2023/24 Chess Bundesliga season. The first half of the table will be playing against the second. The newly promoted Remagen Sinzig will be hosting the first home weekend and will have the double winner of the first weekend, Öltigheim, and their travel partner Baden-Baden at the start. Heimbach-Weis-Neuwied will also be there. Baden-Baden still has to recover from the surprising 4-4 ​​against Hamburger SK and the best way to do that would be with a perfect double pawn.

In Deizisau, I'm looking forward to a home weekend with Viernheim. The probably strongest duo in the league will usually ensure that opponents play in financial savings mode, as they don't want to collect points against Deizisau and Viernheim. We'll see if that also applies to the teams from Hamburger SK and Kiel, who have traveled a long way.

Much further north, in the Weserstadion, where the footballers are visiting Stuttgart, the chess department of SV Werder Bremen is welcoming its guests together with travel partner Kirchweyhe. The guests from Solingen and Mülheim both had a bad start. Both teams lost their opening rounds.

At the other end of the country, FC Bayern Munich opens its doors and welcomes the Zugzwangler from Munich, USV Dresden and the big outsider this season, HSK Lister Turm!

The course for the season is still being set. Will Kirchweyhe be able to carry on the momentum from the first weekend, will Baden-Baden recover from the 4:4 draw against Hamburger SK and will SG Solingen leave the relegation zone?