Niemann gewinnt und steht wieder unter Verdacht

Niemann wins and is again under suspicion

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At the Tournament of Peace in Zagreb, Croatia, Niemann did not let up in the final rounds. At the end he had a fantastic 8 out of 9. In the meantime, as during the tournament, the first players expressed their suspicion that Niemann might have cheated again.
The then world champion Magnus Carlsen first made such an accusation over a year ago, and now it accompanies the young American wherever he plays. Especially when he does so successfully, which has not always been the case recently.
Depending on your point of view, Niemann has now regained his old strength or has returned to cheating. There is no solid evidence for the latter, but that does not stop many players from making accusations. This is also due to the fact that there are still no regulations on how allegations are handled. Who should be reported that cheating may have occurred and who is seriously investigating?

As long as these questions are not clearly answered, players who feel cheated will continue to tell the public first. This may not help anyone, but it does get the frustration off their chest.

Niemann will next compete in the London Chess Classic. The security measures will certainly be stricter here than in Zagreb. Let's see how this story develops there.