"Versucht, die beste Version von euch selber zu sein" | Großmeister Noël Studer im Interview

"Try to be the best version of yourself" | Interview with Grandmaster Noël Studer

The world's most sought-after chess podcast interview guest, Noël Studer, is a guest in a podcast interview with the Chess Tigers.
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He is a two-time Swiss champion and probably the most sought-after chess podcast interview guest in the world: Grandmaster Noël Studer.

Studer learned from the best trainers. This includes Artur Jussupow, who was "like a second father" to him and who accompanied him on his way to becoming a chess professional.

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Other trainers who accompanied Studer on his journey were Iossif Dorman (former trainer of Kasparov) and Markus Ragger, the best chess player in Austria.

At the age of 24, he retired from life as a chess professional and took care of his blog " Next Level Chess " and his chess course.

A traumatic brain injury forced him to focus on maximum efficiency. He now teaches the skills he has learned to his students. This includes, for example, the question of how to create a training plan for yourself: one third playing and game analysis, one third tactical training and the rest.

When it comes to tactical training, Studer has a surprising piece of advice: you should always write down the solution so that you don't just try the first move that comes to mind.

Mindset also plays an important role for Studer. " Try to be the best version of yourself without worrying about short-term results," he says:

Studer's detailed statements can be found here in the latest interview by Michael Busse as part of the podcast " Schachgeflüster by Chess Tigers ".

Listen to the podcast here: