Nazar Tarasenko Zehnter bei Kadetten-WM

Nazar Tarasenko tenth at Cadet World Championships

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National youth coach IM Bernd Vökler knew right from the start of the tournament that the Cadet World Championships would be a tough one for the German participants. In the Cadet World Championships, the age groups U8, U10 and U12 compete, each divided into an open tournament and a girls' tournament. Germany did not have the big favorites at the start this time.
And so the interim report from the national youth coach after 7 of 11 rounds in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, read quite soberingly. But Vökler was almost prophetically hoping for a final spurt from one or the other, so that they might still make it into the top ten in one of the age groups.
The young Ukrainian Nazar Tarasenko from Lower Saxony answered the call and brought himself to sixth place with three wins in rounds 8 to 10. With another win he could have even had a faint hope of a medal, despite a poor Buchholz. Unfortunately he suffered a defeat and so in the end he "only" came 10th. The best placing for a German at this Cadet World Championship.

The results at youth world championships are usually very bad for the German participants. Losses in Elo and placements below the seeding list are the order of the day. But this is not due to mistakes by the German delegation, but rather because young players from other nations are undervalued because they do not play many evaluated tournaments in their home country, but are still very advanced in terms of level.

Nevertheless, there are still strong results every now and then, like the World Championship of Arik Braun and Roven Vogel or the European Championship of Fiona Sieber and Leonid Sawlin. And such results will come again!