Morgen Eröffnungsfeier bei Mannschafts-EM

Opening ceremony at the European Team Championship tomorrow

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It is one of the most important team tournaments. The European Team Championship starts in Budva, Montenegro, with the opening ceremony tomorrow Friday and the first round on Saturday. The German team is one of the favorites to start in third place. Only the Azeris and the "bought-together" team from Romania are better. But this third place in the starting ranking is not necessarily a reason to be happy. With the exception of Vincent Keymer, the team is coming to Montenegro in poor form, because with the exception of the German number one, all of the nominated players had to take a hit at the Fide Grand Swiss. The non-nominated players, such as Frederik Svane and Niclas Huschenbeth, gained Elo points.
Dmitrij Kollars came through the tournament the least damaged, with only minus 5 Elo points. Alexander Donchenko was hit the hardest, losing almost 30 points. It will be up to captain Jan Gustafsson to prepare the team for the upcoming task and restore the necessary self-confidence.
The Germans are also seeded third in the women's competition. According to the Elo average, Azerbaijan and Georgia are stronger here. Here it will mainly depend on the form of the two exceptional Germans Dinara Wagner and Elisabeth Pähtz, who are only separated by one Elo point in the live rating.
As German chess fans, we keep our fingers crossed that after many years of drought, we might once again win a medal in a team competition.