Jonny mit durchwachsenem Start beim Lüneburger Open

Jonny with mixed start at the Lüneburg Open

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At the Lüneburg rapid tournament, which takes place over 2 days, Jonny had a mixed first day. In round 3 he drew against his former student Finn Helms, and in round 6 he lost to the number 1 seed IM Aljoscha Feuerstack.
With 4.5 out of 6, Jonny is still in the race, but it will be difficult to attack again because Feuerstack already had all the players at the front.
In round 4, another former student was waiting for Jonny

Against Lara Schulze it was hard work with the black pieces, but in the end Jonny had the happier ending.
Today, in the seventh round of the tournament, Jonny will face another former student, Jeremy Hommer.