Herbstopen erfolgreich zu Ende gegangen

Autumn Open ended successfully

The Schachfreunde Deizisau have done it again. Under the aegis of Sven Noppes, the club from Baden-Württemberg has staged another fantastic tournament with over 200 players, divided into 3 groups.
At that time, the legendary Easter Open in Deizisau evolved into the world-famous Grenke Open in Karlsruhe. But even though the "who's who" of world chess came together in Karlsruhe, the tradition of family tournaments was never forgotten in Deizisau! Of course, for the past year there has always been a Chess Tigers stand, where players can stock up on the latest material and interesting and historical books.
Adrian Gschnitzer won the A-Open with 6 points, thanks to a better final score ahead of Nikita Testeshnikov.
It was nice to see a female victory in the B-Open. Tatiana Moldovan also won with 6 points with the better Buchholz score ahead of Lukas Kauth. Lars Uhl won the C-Open with 6.5 points.