Frauenbundesliga startet ins neue Jahr

Women’s Bundesliga starts the new year

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After the Chess Bundesliga started into 2024 last weekend, the Women's Bundesliga has now also arrived in the new year.

In contrast to the German Chess League, where 16 teams fight for the title of German champion, 12 teams compete in the women's competition. From the Chess Tigers' point of view, there are three teams in particular that are in focus: the Schachfreunde Deizisau, the OSG Baden-Baden and the Hamburger SK. Sven is heavily involved in the first two. Marina is also eligible to play for Deizisau.
In addition, “The big Greek”, who has his own selection with us, is team captain at Hamburger SK.

If he had been offered a 3-3 draw against the super team from Schwäbisch-Hall before the round, TBG would probably have taken it. But when it was 3-2 for Hamburg and Antonia Ziegenfuss lost a tenable position, he must have been a little annoyed that the Hanseatics could not keep their clean sheet.

Deizisau and Baden-Baden, however, were able to win their matches. While Baden-Baden is a title contender, the team from near Stuttgart is currently stuck in the middle of the table.

The other winners of the day were Rodewisch and Bad Königshofen. Kiel and Karlsruhe drew 3-3.

This means that only OSG Baden-Baden has not yet dropped a point. However, they cannot rest on their laurels, as Hamburger SK and Schwäbisch Hall are in the chasing pack with 9 out of 10 possible points.

Tomorrow we'll move on to the sixth round. All games will be broadcast live from 9am tomorrow!