Erfolgreicher Tag bei der Team-EM

Successful day at the European Team Championships

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It is not always the clear, overwhelming victories that indicate whether a tournament could be successful. The difference at the level of a European Championship is the fighting spirit, the tenacity, the will to achieve a victory even with the B form.

The German men have this willpower and they proved it once again today when they faced the Hungarians. Vincent Keymer achieved the only victory of the day, while Svane, Donchenko and Kollars drew.

But at times it didn't look like the day would be a success. Keymer was under a lot of pressure with the white pieces and at times it was thought that the best he could manage was a draw. But he has 100 Elo points more than his opponent Viktor Erdos. Keymer defended himself tenaciously and countered at exactly the right point.

Kollars had his back against the wall even more. The engine occasionally gives +3 to his opponent. But Dmitrij is now a tough player, which he wasn't always, and held on for half a point and thus the team victory.

The German women had a much more relaxed day. Without front woman Elisabeth Pähtz, they managed a comfortable 3.5-0.5 victory against Norway. Only Dinara Wagner drew.

Both teams are up against Serbia today. Both teams are slightly favored, so these are not easy tasks. However, with the iron will shown in the first two rounds, German chess fans can be optimistic!