2. internationales Baden-Badener Herbstopen gestartet

2nd International Baden-Baden Autumn Open started

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Sven Noppes is one of the most tireless players in German chess. Having just successfully staged the Autumn Open in Deizisau with over 200 players, the 2nd international Baden-Baden Autumn Open started yesterday in the chess center, the LA8. The beautiful premises on the edge of the city center are perfect for high-quality chess tournaments. The Bundesliga matches of the OSG Baden-Baden also take place here. Various world champions have already duelled with other top grandmasters here.

This time, around 100 players will be taking part and of course the Chess Tigers will be there again with a stand and what a beautiful stand it has become!
The fact that this tournament is organized at a high level is also shown by the 6 live boards that show the first boards of the A-Open.
The third round is currently underway, so there is still no indication as to who will win in the end. The only thing that is certain is that it will once again be an exciting tournament in the hallowed halls of German chess!