Watson: Secrets of Modern Chess Openings Vol.3

Watson: Secrets of Modern Chess Openings Vol.3

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Autor: Watson, John
Verlag: gambit
Erscheinungsjahr: 2009
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: book
Seiten: 383

'For many chess players, studying opening theory is extremely hard work. It is difficult to know what is important and what is not, when specific knowledge is essential or when a more general understanding is required. Tragically, when the opening phase is over, a player often does not know what plan to follow or why his pieces are in the squares he has moved them to.
\r\nIn this highly acclaimed and popular series, John Watson seeks to give chess players a more holistic and in-depth view of openings. He explains not only the ideas and strategies behind specific openings, but also the global connections between them. By presenting the common threads underlying opening play, Watson provides a lasting foundation for treating openings of any kind.
\r\nThe third volume deals with flank openings. Watson provides a detailed treatment of the English Opening, drawing on many of the themes from the first two volumes. In particular, in the context of rearrangements and analogous forms of standard structures, he explains why certain ideas work and others do not, and the concept of cross-opening aspect is explained in even more varied forms than in the previous volumes.
\r\nInternational Master John Watson is one of the world's most respected chess authors. He established his reputation with his groundbreaking four-volume work on the English Opening in the 1980s, and has written a number of high-quality books since then. In 1999, Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy, Watson's first book for Gambit Publishing, was named \''Book of the Year\'' by the British Chess Federation and won the Best Book Award by the United States Chess Federation. He reviews chess books for The Week in Chess and hosts a weekly radio show on the Internet Chess Club.
\r\nKey 6
\r\nDedication 6
\r\nAcknowledgements 6
\r\nReferences 7
\r\nGeneral Introduction 9
\r\n1 Introduction to the English Opening 11
\r\n2 Sicilian in suit: 2. Moves 14
\r\nFrom scratch 15
\r\nIn the style of the Najdorf and Dragon variant 19
\r\nImproved Alekhine Sicilian 24
\r\n3 Introduction to 2 Nc3: Black plays flexibly 31
\r\nPromotion of the f-pawn 32
\r\nThe bishop failure 2...Bb4 35
\r\nThe ultra-flexible 2...d6: Introduction 49
\r\nActive moves with 3 d4 50
\r\nThe positional style of play 62
\r\n4 2...Nf6 and systems with g3 69
\r\nIntroduction to 2...Nf6 69
\r\nPossibilities for Black on move 3 73
\r\nThe Modern Variation: 3...Bb4 76
\r\nExcursus on the Rossolimo Sicilian 78
\r\nKeres Defense 91
\r\nWhite plays 2 g3 97
\r\n5 Four Knights Variation 114
\r\nSlower white playing styles 115
\r\nAttack in the center with 4 d4 120
\r\nThe cautious 4 e3 124
\r\nThe main variation: 4 g3 129
\r\n4...Bb4 and derivatives 133
\r\nDragons in Suit: 4...d5 144
\r\n6 Triple Knight Variation and Closed Variation 150
\r\nTriple Jumper Variation 150
\r\nThe independent playback 3...f5 153
\r\nIntroduction to the Closed Variant 156
\r\nClosed variation with Nf3 156
\r\nClosed variant with e3 165
\r\nBotvinnik System: 5 e4 178
\r\n7 Pure Symmetrical Variant 188
\r\nThe traditional 5 e3 191
\r\nFlank attack with 5 a3 199
\r\nSymmetrical variation à la Botvinnik: 5 e4 206
\r\nPure Symmetric Variation with 5 Nf3: Introduction 210
\r\nTraditional main variation with 5...Nf6 211
\r\nSymmetrical variation with 5...e5 219
\r\nCounterattack in the center with 5...e6 223
\r\n8 Main Variations with 2 Nf3 and d4 235
\r\nIntroduction to 2 Nf3 235
\r\nVariations with 2...Nc6 235
\r\n2...Ìf6 and the Symmetrical Four Knights Variation 251
\r\nFour Knights Variation with 6 a3 254
\r\nFour Knights Variation with 6 Ndb5 260
\r\nFour Knights Variation with 6 g3 269
\r\nAnti-Benoni variants 284
\r\n9 Asymmetrical variants 292
\r\nNimzowitsch's 5 e4 and relatives of Grünfeld-Indian 292
\r\nThe Knight's Tour 5...Nb4 293
\r\nExchange with 5...Nxc3 299
\r\nKeres-Parma Variation 302
\r\nRubinstein System 310
\r\n10 The hedgehog variant 321
\r\nTraditional variation with 8 Qxd4 325
\r\nModern playback with 7 Te1 334
\r\n11 Mikenas Attack and Nimzoenglish 339
\r\nMikenas Assault: Introduction 340
\r\nCountering in the center with 3...d5 340
\r\nGambit variation with 3...c5 348
\r\nNimzoenglish: Introduction 352
\r\nClassic variant with 4 Dc2 353
\r\nThe wing attack 4 g4 356
\r\n12 King's Indian Variations 363
\r\nBotvinnik Variation against King's Indian 363
\r\nThe Closed English Structure 367
\r\nVariant list 375
\r\nPlayer directory 381
\r\n383 pages, 2009, paperback.'