Watson/Burgess: Chess openings for kids

Watson/Burgess: Chess openings for kids

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Autor: Burgess, Graham; Watson, John
Verlag: gambit
Erscheinungsjahr: 2012
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: hardcover
Seiten: 128

For chess players of all ages and abilities, getting off to a good start is extremely important. This simple guide provides all the tips and ideas needed to set up the game with determination from the first move. That's because the 50 powerful openings are the ones that chess masters and grandmasters use time and time again to outwit their opponents.

This book teaches the names and opening moves of all the major chess openings and explains the basic ideas. Beginners will learn how to position their pieces for maximum effect. More experienced players will discover some notable tactical and strategic themes that are crucial to mastering the game of chess.

Throughout the book, numerous devastating opening traps are highlighted. You will enjoy presenting difficult problems to your opponent - whether it is a friend, a clubmate or your father!

Chess Openings for Kids makes learning chess openings fun. Playing the powerful openings will help you better understand how the pieces work together. Soon you'll be able to make strong moves in any opening position and approach every game with confidence - and success.

International Master John Watson is a former US National High School Championship champion. He is arguably the world's leading author on chess openings and the author of award-winning books on chess strategy. FIDE Master Graham Burgess has written more than twenty chess books, ranging from general guides to books on specific openings. He also holds the world record for marathon blitz chess.

128 pages, 2012, hardcover.