Van Wijgerden: Chess Learning Book Level 2 Mix

Van Wijgerden: Chess Learning Book Level 2 Mix

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Autor: van Wijgerden, Cor
Verlag: van Wijgerden
Erscheinungsjahr: 2019
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: book
Seiten: 64

A workbook with a 'simple' task: play the best move each time!

Just like in a real game, you don’t know if you can win or if
it is better to make a draw. What are the targets of attack? What threats does the opponent pose?
There are also route planning tasks in which only white moves.

Most of the tasks involve checkmate (# 1 on page 3) and winning material (# 2).
Lots of defending: parrying check (#3) and defending against checkmate (#4). Examples
with Matt are in # 5 and # 6. Special tasks are the route planners
?Check? (#7), ?Capture all pieces? (#8) and ?Checkmate? (#9).
In a multiple choice exercise you have to tick the correct move (#10).
If there is a variation under the board, you have to add the correct moves (#11).
The last four pages contain Matt in two problems (#12).

64 pages, stapled, 2nd edition 2019