van Schyndel: First move advantage II: Win with 1.d4

van Schyndel: First move advantage II: Win with 1.d4

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Autor: van Schnydel, Andreas
Verlag: ChessCoach
Erscheinungsjahr: 2012
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: book
Seiten: 365

Apply pressure with 1.d4

Using the “first move advantage” with White means exerting pressure from the first move and presenting the opponent with problems that he must solve himself as early as possible - even more so if this opponent is not a chess professional but your club colleague.

This white repertoire, which is consistently geared to the needs of players with a rating of up to about 2100, shows you how to put opponents at normal club level into tricky decision-making situations outside their comfort zone with 1.d4 from the very first move, with a manageable repertoire of your own.

As a "confessed blunderer" at the board, the author knows the opening practice in club chess from long experience. This, combined with a considerable portion of opening obsession and a second chess career as a correspondence chess player, leads to a view of the opening world of the chess amateur that you will not find in authors from the ranks of grandmasters.''

366 pages, 2012, paperback.