Treppner: Test book of settlements and transitions

Treppner: Test book of settlements and transitions

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Autor: Treppner, Gerd
Verlag: Beyer
Erscheinungsjahr: 2015
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: book
Seiten: 128

In this test book, the author has compiled 120 instructive tasks that are presented to the reader/solver in diagram form, each with two or three suggested answers using the multiple choice method. A detailed discussion of all positions follows. In the examples, the author has selected positions from tournament and competition practice in addition to a few theoretical variants. The solver has to take into account both positional-strategic and tactical-combinatorial factors, and sometimes endgame theory aspects are also included. Thematically, the book is devoted to the transitions between the phases of the game, in particular the development into the endgame, which can usually take place from the middlegame, but sometimes also directly from the opening. The transition from a piece+pawn endgame to a pure pawn endgame is also covered. The consequences of such transitions are often difficult to assess, but on the other hand they are usually critical with regard to the outcome of the game. Serious training with this test book will enable the player to master tricky situations of this kind and to shape the transitions mentioned to his advantage. An introductory chapter on handling and evaluating the tests completes the book, which is aimed at advanced amateurs and club players. FIDE Master Gerd Treppner (1956 2009) chess journalist and author; was twice German champion and once German Cup winner with SC 1868 Bamberg.

128 pages, paperback, Publisher Joachim Beyer