Französisch mit 3.Sd2: Ein Repertoire für Weiß

French with 3.Nd2: A repertoire for White

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This DVD provides you with a comprehensive repertoire for White against the French. The author Sergei Tiviakov is an anti-French expert and has achieved an outstanding result of 80% in 219 games against the French (the average is just over 50%). He recommends 3.Nd2 and gives an excellent introduction to the system with 3.Nd2, the Tarrasch Variation, on this DVD with his own games and explanations of the latest theoretical developments. The large database on this DVD contains around 312,000 games. There are also other databases with numerous exclusive information and games that you can only get on this DVD, for example all the games that Tiviakov has ever played against the French. There is also a reference database and a database with commented games. With interactive final training: Test yourself to see whether you have mastered the new repertoire and are prepared for an emergency at the board. With video feedback on your suggested moves! If you want to score against the French and play 3.Nd2, then Tiviakov's DVD is a must. Training videos: approx. 5 hours of playing time