Stark: How do I win a piece?

Stark: How do I win a piece?

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Autor: Strong, Kevin
Verlag: Ulrich
Erscheinungsjahr: 2009
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: book
Seiten: 128

This systematic thematic textbook asks the question: "How do I win a piece?" There is much more than one answer to this question. There are the tricks and gimmicks that experienced chess players use to secure what may be a decisive advantage by winning a piece.
\r\nThe first part of this book explains the most important and most common motives of chess tactics. After the double attack and knight fork, there are the skewer and pin, as well as the discovery and discovered check. The diversion of pieces towards and away or the elimination of a defending piece are also frequently used motives. But these motives and others explained in the book are not only important for the attacking chess player. The defending player must also know them if he wants to avoid the possible and impending dangers.
\r\nAfter we have learned the tactical possibilities of the game of chess in this book, the big test follows at the end of the book. In the final test, which includes 60 exercises, the reader can check whether he is now able to apply tactical tricks in practice.
\r\nThis thematic textbook is intended for beginners of all ages, but especially for young chess players. However, this book can also serve as a reference work.
\r\n127 pages, 2009, paperback..