Soszynski: Double Trouble Scandinavian Style

Soszynski: Double Trouble Scandinavian Style

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Autor: Soszynski, Marek
Verlag: Russell Enterprises
Erscheinungsjahr: 2024
Sprache: English
Buchumschlag: book
Seiten: 176

Two Repertoires for Black

The Early Equalizer

In response to 1.e4, White's most common first move, it has long been recognized that when and if Black can play ...d5 safely, the result is approximate equality. Scandinavian devotees argue everything that can happen on Move 1! But it is hardly a “peaceful” equality.

But do we really need a book that is a blur of all sorts of black and white possibilities with countless tightly-nested game fragments? Hardly. Double Trouble is a straightforward volume of repertoire recommendations, easy to understand and easy to play.

The book is in three parts. Part One, besides introducing the book generally, covers the very first moves of the Scandinavian Defense and White's early deviations. Anyone who plays the Scandinavian will find this section quite helpful. Then Part Two covers Qd6 + g6 systems, while Part Three covers the very different Nf6 system.

"In this book, popular author and Correspondence Master Marek Soszynski gives you a defense to 1.e4 that can honestly be called ”complete.“ Your prep could not be better...This book cuts [the theory] down to size. Marek Soszynski gives you just what you need to know to show that the old ”theoretical“ equalizer, 1...d5, can indeed be played, and played with verve, on Move 1!"
- From the Foreword by Al Lawrence

Double Trouble Scandinavian Style: Equalize early and then play for a win!

Marek Soszynski is a Correspondence Chess Master and a Master of Philosophy. He himself has authored or co-authored a growing number of chess books including How to Think in Chess, and The Polish Defense.

176 pages, paperback, 1st edition 2024