Sivertsen: Magnus Carlsen - the unexpected chess genius

Sivertsen: Magnus Carlsen - the unexpected chess genius

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Autor: Sivertsen, Aage
Verlag: Osburg Publishing
Erscheinungsjahr: 2017
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: book
Seiten: 305

How is it possible that the current world chess champion comes from Norway, a country without a great chess tradition? Aage G. Sivertsen traces Magnus Carlsen's path to the top of the world chess elite, which at first glance looks like a coincidence, but on closer inspection can be understood as the logical consequence of clever support for a genius who was recognized early on. Carlsen, born in 1990, became a chess grandmaster at just 13 years of age and world champion shortly before his 23rd birthday. This biography is the story of a boy who became the best chess player in the world without any drilling. Magnus Carlsen plays chess because he enjoys it. Sivertsen has experienced this first hand time and again, at important competitions and tournaments such as in Stavanger, London, Chennai, Dubai, Sochi and most recently in New York. The author has also interviewed almost the entire world elite - including four former world champions. The most important basis of this book, however, are the countless conversations with Henrik Carlsen, Magnus' father. Magnus Carlsen is a book about a chess phenomenon that is well worth reading even for laypeople, in which the author shows what geniuses are made of. Sivertsen also includes the events of the world championship match against Sergei Karjakin in New York from November 11 to 30, 2016.

Aage G. Sivertsen is a trained historian and criminologist. He worked as a journalist for the Norwegian state television station NRK 2 for over ten years and has published a number of non-fiction books. He headed the chess club in his hometown of Kristiansund for more than five years. In 2012 he founded the "Dream Team", a group of promising young chess players who were also coached by Magnus Carlsen.

286 pages, 1st edition 2017, hardcover.