Silman: Silman's Endgame Course

Silman: Silman's Endgame Course

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Autor: Silman, Jeremy
Verlag: New in Chess
Erscheinungsjahr: 2008
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: hardcover
Seiten: 544

From beginner to master

For more than 100 years, the best chess players and coaches have been telling their students to study the endgame. Now there is a revolutionary endgame book for players of all levels.

Silman's Endgame Course: From Beginner to Master by renowned author and player Jeremy Silman is the only endgame book you need to take you from beginner to strong tournament player to master.

Silman's book speaks directly and personally to his readers, telling chess players everything they need to know about the endgame at their level. The subsequent stages of development build on this knowledge. At the beginning, at beginner level, all the basic checkmates are explained clearly and carefully.

It then examines in detail the basic building blocks of endgame knowledge for aspiring and experienced tournament players. And finally, it presents finer endgame secrets based on concepts rather than memorization in an easy-to-understand manner.

The basic keys to sound endgame training – opposition, the Lucena and Philidor positions, cat and mouse, trebuchet, fox in the henhouse, triangulation, building a box, the pawn square, lateral bypass, the principle of two weaknesses – are important.
But just as important is a love of the endgame, which comes into its own at the end of the book: with an examination of tactical motifs in the endgame, dominance of minor pieces, and a look at the five greatest endgame masters of all time - things that will delight chess fans of all levels.

If the endgame has been a mystery to you and your confidence regularly wanes when it comes to the endgame, and you have been looking for an endgame book that will turn your greatest weakness - your endgame skills - into a strength, then look no further.

Silman's Endgame Course contains the key to a world of fundamental concepts, astonishing beauty, and stunning creativity.

Jeremy Silman is an International Master and world-class trainer, author and player who has won the American Open, National Open and US Open. He is considered by many to be the world's leading author of chess textbooks.

Silman's Endgame Course is the second part of the Silman's Chess School series. Volume 1, Chess, but properly! - Overcoming amateur thinking (2006) was and still is extremely popular with club and internet players.

544 pages, 2008, hardcover