Strategieschule Band 2:  Die Kunst des Tauschens

Strategy School Volume 2: The Art of Exchange

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Autor: Schneider-Zinner, Harald
Verlag: ChessBase
Erscheinungsjahr: 2022
Sprache: German

Hardly any moment distinguishes a strong player from an inexperienced player as much as the moment of exchange. In chess, there are thousands of exceptions to the rules. Nevertheless, we must know the most important rules and patterns. Only then can we apply them - or break them at the right moment, with the right reason.

13 guidelines for exchange:

  1. What matters is what stays on the board.
  2. The crucial question is: who will benefit more from the exchange?
  3. A key advantage of the pair of runners is being able to swap the right runner at the right moment.
  4. ALWAYS consider the tactical elements.
  5. Those who have less space usually benefit more from the exchange.
  6. The principle of the supernumerary figure
  7. Can I exchange a poorly placed piece of mine for a good one of my opponent's?
  8. Can I swap out important attackers/defenders of the opponent?
  9. Prophylaxis during exchange operations
  10. Consider the time factor.
  11. Can I change the pawn structure advantageously by exchanging pieces?
  12. Will the exchange help me to exploit the advantages?
  13. Can I transition to a favorable endgame?
  14. Maximum concentration on the exchange of ladies

All of the training material in the video course has been tested in practice by the author several times. Cross-references are often made between his students' games and current world-class games or classics. This also gives the student a guide for analyzing his games and how he can learn and benefit from them.

Video game time: 4 hours 30 minutes (German), with interactive training including video feedback


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