Shereshevsky: The Shereshevky Method

Shereshevsky: The Shereshevky Method

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Autor: Shereshevsky, Mikhail
Verlag: New in Chess
Erscheinungsjahr: 2018
Sprache: English
Buchumschlag: book
Seiten: 377

Two instructional classics condensed into one practical volume

Mikhail Shereshevsky has created a totally reworked compendium of his acclaimed classics Endgame Strategy and The Soviet Chess Conveyor , with many new examples, exercises and discussions of various training methods. Furthermore, he has added a new and highly effective approach on how to calculate variations.

Club players all over the world who wish to improve their game now have access to Shereshevsky's famous training programme in one volume and can learn:

  • How to build an opening repertoire
  • How to study the chess classics to maximum benefit
  • How to master the most important endgame principles
  • How to effectively and efficiently calculate variations

The Shereshevsky Method offers a unique opportunity to improve your game with one of the supreme examples of chess training excellence. Studying this manual will enrich your understanding of chess enormously and help your progress on the way to chess mastery.

“A compendium of the author's famous teaching methods, complete with modern developments. “A more that excellent instruction book.” -- BHWilders, Dutch Daily

“This is such a good book. There is certainly enough new material on which to base an entire second volume. Well done, NewInChess! Now sign up the author for another book, as soon as possible.” -- Sean Marsh, CHESS Magazine

“A missing link in chess literature. “A real gem. This book is a must in the library of any chess player.” -- Miguel Ararat, Florida Chess News

“A good starting point for ambitious players who want to work on their play in a structured way. “Shereshevsky covers the most important elements of the game, from the opening through the endgame.” -- IM Mark Haast, Schaaksite

“Two Soviet Classics reimagined as one, and then some.” --Chris Wainscott, Chess Daily News

“This book is a must for all chess trainers and chess players who wish to improve their performance, because it covers all the skills a good chess player needs.” -- IM Dirk Schuh

“I have good memories of Shereshevsky's books. It's so good to see him back again. I especially read the chapter 'Do not hurry!' with pleasure; not just because I agree with what he says, but more importantly because it defines the playing style of Magnus Carlsen.” -- GM Simen Agdestein, long-time trainer of Magnus Carlsen

352 pages, paperback, 1st edition 2018