Sanakoyev: The 3rd Attempt My Way to Becoming World Correspondence Chess Champion

Sanakoyev: The 3rd Attempt My Way to Becoming World Correspondence Chess Champion

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Autor: Sankoyev, Grigory
Verlag: Kania
Erscheinungsjahr: 1997
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: hardcover
Seiten: 256

'The XIIth Correspondence Chess World Champion describes his path from the beginning to the summit. In sensitive words he lets the reader share in the sorrows and joys of the correspondence chess life.

The author does not limit himself to purely chess commentary on the 59 selected games - in many of them long-term sacrificial games can be admired - but also talks about his growing love of correspondence chess, his thoughts and emotions while playing and the gradual maturation of his style. He always has a suitable quote to hand for all of this, and quite incidentally, in a manner that is anything but didactic, the reader is given one or two pieces of advice on how to improve his own (correspondence chess) playing strength. All in all, a unique, up-close look at top-level correspondence chess.

GK Sanakoyev, born in 1935 and living in Voronezh, Russia, is a chemist by profession, but the upheaval in his home country forced him to reorient himself. He has recently been working as a chess trainer, organizer and, not least, publicist.

''A very exciting path that one would like to follow without further ado until the last of the 59 games, without putting the book down even once.'' (Hartmut Metz, Rochade 1/98).

''What makes the book a chess treat? It is primarily the extraordinarily sensitive way in which the author deals with the certainly less experienced reader. Nowhere is there a trace of arrogance. A basic tone of English understatement always comes through. Sanakoyev even comments on four of his own lost games, which indicates his love of the refined game ... a book that has convinced me extraordinarily.'' (M. Burkhalter, Swiss Chess Newspaper).

239 pages, hardcover, 1997