Scharfe Konter gegen Italienisch – ein Schwarzrepertoire

Sharp counters against the Italian – a black repertoire

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The Traxler counterattack (4.Ng5 Bc5!?) inspires every chess player who wants to fight for the initiative with Black. The variation has a reputation for being theoretically double-edged and risky, but on this DVD the author reveals numerous unknown spectacular possibilities for Black. Top players such as Shirov and Beliavsky have used the Traxler counterattack in top tournaments and in 1991 in Linares Beliavsky won against Vishy Anand with exactly this variation. Whichever line White chooses, Black always has so much dynamic potential that White has to solve problems. And if he is not careful and not well prepared, White will quickly fall victim to the many tactical possibilities. In addition to the classic Traxler counterattack, the author also shows active possibilities for Black if White continues with 4.d3 or 4.d4. The DVD thus offers a complete repertoire for playing for a win with Black against the Italian!