Eröffnen wie Kasparov: Abgelehntes Damengambit Abtauschvariante

Opening like Kasparov: Queen's Gambit Declined Exchange Variation

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In the 1950s, World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik made the Exchange Variation in the Queen's Gambit Declined a dangerous weapon. Moving the knight to e2 and castle short was revolutionary at the time. Previously, White played his knight to f3 to launch a minority attack on the queenside later, or placed the knight to e2 to castle long and launch a pawn storm on the kingside. Later, Garry Kasparov followed in the footsteps of his mentor Botvinnik and enriched the flexible Exchange Variation with numerous additional ideas. This DVD offers White a comprehensive repertoire for playing the Exchange Variation against the solid Queen's Gambit Declined, often taking a dynamic course to pose practical problems for the opponent. The main continuations 3...Nf6 and 3...Be7 are covered in individual sections, with the author repeatedly pointing out the differences between the variations and possible rearrangements. Quiz questions consolidate knowledge of this sustainable and flexible world champion repertoire, which can be used to score points successfully in one's own practice.