Crushing Isolated Queen’s Pawn Tactics

Crushing Isolated Queen's Pawn Tactics

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When playing with an "isolated queen's pawn", one usually looks for dynamic resources to compensate for this structural weakness. This DVD presents numerous tactical tasks that show the attacking potential in positions with an isolated queen's pawn and increases the understanding of this important structure that can arise in many openings. Detailed analysis of brilliant games such as Steinitz against Von Bardeleben, Hastings 1895, or Kamsky against Short, Candidates Tournament Linares 1994, as well as less well-known games show typical motifs of this structure. For the sake of clarity, all tasks are shown from White's point of view, but of course this structure can also arise with the colors reversed. In order to get closer to a game situation, the quiz questions are not arranged thematically. This increases the training effect, because the viewer always has to decide between different plans and ideas: Should I play the rook on the third row to increase the pressure, aim for the central advance d4-d5 or risk a piece sacrifice to checkmate the black king?