Calculation Training

Calculation Training

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Autor: Ris, Robert
Verlag: ChessBase
Erscheinungsjahr: 2018
Sprache: English

Nowadays, many chess players learn opening variations using engines, neglecting the practical side of our game. This DVD shows why it is so important to train your variation calculation skills. Dutch IM Robert Ris has put together training material that he uses when working with students who have an Elo rating of 1400 to 2400. Ris believes that this material is suitable for players of different levels, because every chess player benefits from improving their calculation skills with structured training.

The DVD asks the viewer to determine the requirements of the position before choosing any candidate moves. The author then shows basic techniques of calculating variations that help improve and speed up thinking processes. The first chapter deals with forced moves (giving check, capturing pieces, setting up threats) that are used to maintain the initiative or continue the attack. In the second part, Ris explains how to eliminate candidate moves to improve the decision-making process. Positions where you are asked to find spectacular moves even though no good continuation is apparent at first glance will give new impetus to your creativity and imagination.

• Video playing time: 4 hours 52 minutes (English)
• Interactive test with video feedback
• Extra database with further examples.
• With ChessBase Reader

International Master Robert Ris (born 1988) has successfully represented his home country, the Netherlands, at many youth championships. Today he is primarily active as a chess trainer in schools and chess clubs and trains students from various countries online at He has also appeared as a live commentator for the Dutch championship and the traditional tournament in Wijk aan Zee.


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