Erfolgsstrategien Band 1-3

Success Strategies Volume 1-3

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Learning and understanding the most important middle game strategies is essential for an ambitious chess player. This DVD marks the start of the new Fritztrainer series "Successful Strategies" by International Master and professional chess trainer Michael Richter. In the current first part, the strategic elements of the open line are presented in detail in a total of 64 video clips. The chapters are divided into the following topics: 1. Break-in squares 5. Dominance 9. Position transformation 2. The 7th row 6. Triple play 10. Playing against the open line 3. Line adjustment 7. Contingency line 11. Tactical motif 4. Outpost 8. Opposite castling An interactive final test with video feedback consisting of 12 questions repeats and deepens what has been learned. The DVD also contains a database with detailed commentary on the positions covered. The video runs for over 5 hours.