Taktik Turbo Londoner System

Tactics Turbo London System

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The London System is enjoying increasing popularity at grandmaster level as well as in club chess. The theory of the opening is developing rapidly and new things are constantly being tried out. This always results in fresh tactical ideas, which should be part of the basic repertoire of every London fan - because tactics are and remain the be-all and end-all of the game. On this DVD, Elisabeth Pähtz presents pretty much all the complications that need to be known with White. Anyone who loves the London System and has studied the opening will have the tactical tools for successful practice - because anyone who knows the typical motifs has an advantage on the board. Of course, those who do not (yet) have the London System in their repertoire can also benefit from the turbo exercises. After all, a keen combinatorial eye is always good. With the help of the interactive format, in which the user is asked to answer questions on the screen by entering moves, Elisabeth Pähtz invites you to participate and think along, and thanks to this technique imparts knowledge of a large number of typical tactical finesses in London System positions in an intensive and systematic way.