How to play the Sicilian Defence!

How to play the Sicilian Defense!

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The Sicilian Defense is an old but very modern opening. There are always new ideas and that is why 1..c5 is also the most popular response to the opening move 1.e4. On this DVD I present the most important systems of the Sicilian Defense. It is not about learning variations by heart. Instead, I would like to use my own games to show what the typical plans and strategies are and which tactical motifs play a role. These can then be used flexibly, regardless of the variations. My DVD is divided into three parts. In the first part I have commented on six example games from my own practice, which give a good overview of the different playing and attacking options for both colors. This is followed by an exercise section that builds on the example games in the first part. For those who like to learn theory, the last section contains some examples of typical opening traps. If you know these, you can avoid Sicilian disasters and hopefully achieve a quick victory yourself.