Müller/Engel: Player types

Müller/Engel: Player types

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Autor: Müller, Karsten; Engel, Luis
Verlag: Beyer
Erscheinungsjahr: 2020
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: hardcover
Seiten: 244

Playing styles in chess are an important and often discussed topic.
GM Dr. Karsten Müller and GM Luis Engel use a model by GM Lars Bo Hansen based on four types of players - 'active players', 'pragmatists', 'theoreticians' and so-called 'reflectors'. Their respective strengths and weaknesses are explained using many examples and supplemented by numerous tasks that the reader can use to try to classify themselves as one or the other type of player.
"When preparing for my next opponent ... certain character traits always play a role, which I try to assign to this player. ... Here it can be helpful and time-saving, for example, to draw conclusions about the type of player and thus also about strengths and weaknesses by playing openings - or to get clues about the probability of choosing certain opening variations by using known player characteristics.
These and numerous other considerations are bundled and presented systematically in this book. The division into four prototypical player types is extremely helpful in answering questions that not only concern game preparation, but also, for example, determining one's own characteristics as a chess player. In addition, the work provides amateurs and those interested in chess with a helpful guide to help them form their own opinion of this or that player."
(Excerpts from the foreword by GM Vincent Keymer )

244 pages, bound with ribbon, 1st edition 2020